Introducing... Ant Sanders Design

"We're a small design agency here in beautiful Davidson, North Carolina." It just sounds right. It feels right. It feels good.

I've always been a designer. Since before I knew I could actually make a living doing what I loved. I would tour the country playing music, meet people every single day, and come home with a stack of torn pieces of paper from people to contact about design work. Design. Art. Experience. I love it. I'm passionate about it.

I've worked on super amazing projects with stellar teams throughout my "working for the man" career. From Fortune 50 retail to startup kid's clothing companies, from Wall Street's finest financial institutions to heavy metal bands, and back again. From global agency clients to small freelance work that paid nothing, I wouldn't trade my experience, my learning, my heartache, and my accomplishments for anything in this world.

Upon MUCH consideration, here we are.. turning this longtime freelance thing into a real, working business. I'll handle the same stuff I always have for over 17 years. Design, branding, user experience, logos, websites, print pieces, whatever. The best part is adding Heather, my partner, my wife, my life to the mix. She'll handle the day-to-day, the client relationships, the business ends of things, and most of all, keeping me on track. Because, did i mention i'm a designer?

We (Heather and I) chose a quirky, social way to announce the agency. The photos below tell a story. A fun one, an exciting one, a risky one, but the right one. After much thought, math, praying, dreaming through the years, a few solid lessons learned, smacks in the face, stupid mistakes, and a partner who's with me through thick and thin, this is the next step in our adventure, together. ... Please follow along and if so inclined, spread the word!

Ant Sanders