What if...

It's been a whirlwind of a week.

Just over a week.

Roughly 8 days, 4 hours, and 9 minutes since I got the news. No longer would I have a job. No longer would I have income. My job search was to go underway immediately. I had no mindset that could have helped with this but I did have wonderful things. I have a supportive wife, a loving family, wonderful friends, positive reinforcement and all around great things in my life. All these came front and center towards me once hearing the news.

The ugly side of it all is that I was just that, ugly. UGLY with all caps.

Cranky. Irritable. Pissy. Sad. Mad. All of the above. Probably pretty crappy to be around. Actually I KNOW I was crappy to be around. Just ask the wife.

"What if I could somehow make GIANT work out to be a full-time thing?"

"What if I could find another cool remote designer position like the one I had?"

"What if we won the stupid lottery and I could spend it on land, a modest house, goats, chickens, a garden, and an old truck like I once had?" Oh, and Emma wants a horse. Like, a pretty horse that she can probably name "Princess" or something.

Questions. All day. Everyday. They never leave. They run around the brain like a 500 mile race to some unknown finish line. 

I applied for many jobs. I was turned down for a few. I didn't want a couple of them. I despised a few of them. All in all, I was searching and it was out of my hands. 

Those family members, supporting wife, friends, and surroundings were wishing me luck.

I left a super rad interview on Monday of this week asking "What IF I worked there?"

"What if I could truly make a difference at a rad company I've looked up to for years?"

Well.. I can. I will. 

Next week, I join the super rad folks at Mullen Lowe to lead UX for the agency. I am beyond stoked and at a loss for words at how great this opportunity means to me. 

Turns out, they have a montage of some of their rad work, aptly titled "What If?"


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