Never a perfect score

From the super rad visit to Asheville on Tuesday to yesterday being a harshly devastating day, this week is a rollercoaster at best. Yesterday, I was let go from Mad Pow along with quite a few others due to budget cuts. No further work. No immediate need for the positions. No notice. Nothing. This kind of crap happens and has hit close to home many many times but I always avoided the loss of a job. I have been extremely fortunate to have never been fired, dismissed or laid off from a job. I've honestly never had a job that wasn't in the creative field. 

Well, other than Arby's when I was 15 but I was a "sandwich designer". I made one heck of a roast beef sandwich that you can't get on the menu. Ingredients are still secret so don't ask.

Oh, and the nursing home when I was a little older but even there, I was a "mood designer". I tried to make old people laugh that I knew were having a much worse day than me. I actually washed dishes but to me, I also made people smile. It was kinda cool. Old people are cool. They teach young jerks like myself at the time a whole lot.

Best Buy was next in my oh-so-awesome career path and even there, I got to design and lay out end-caps and retail stuff for new media releases. I was a "Media Specialist" but to me, I was around music so I didn't care.

Today was a new start but I awoke with anger. I awoke with hurt, and disbelief. I awoke with a beautiful family to support and not knowing how that would happen going forward but somehow the Wife puts the worry aside to make sure the 3 little ones have a solid breakfast and a smile on their face. I could learn a few things from her through this I bet.

There's never a perfect score in this weird shit we call life but we all keep moving. We all keep hoping for the best and somehow, some way, it works out.

This time, I REALLY hope it works out because, 35 years into this thing called life, I got plans. I have goals. I WILL reach them. 

Bring it, life. Let's do this.

WordsHeather Love