Blending it All

Tomorrow is going to be rad. Really rad.

For us at GIANT, for our friends in A Will Away, for our buds in Head North and for me personally. 

We are releasing a split 7" EP record by both bands on Giant MKT and the pre-order will be available to the world tonight at midnight. 

What's got me so psyched about it on a personal level? I was able to blend every single one of my passions and strengths into one single project. 

Music got me started in all of this craziness I call a career. I started many years ago designing shirts and CD layouts for bands. 17 years later, here I am and it's still fun.

Design is a strong passion and creating a record layout was a no brainer.

Friendships are what hold a lot of shit together. The guys on this GIANT roller coaster and the bands we work with on the record label piece of it are some stellar dudes. 

Family is what it's all about at the end of the day. The kids on the record layout for this release are my two beautiful daughters.

Hope you like it!

WordsHeather Love