Creaky Floors and A Simple Thank You

Something big is just a few days away and for once in the past nine months, my mind isn't racing a thousand miles an hour. Well, it is but maybe I hide it well from myself. I sit here, alone in Charleston waiting for it all to start. It's a weird feeling. A good weird. A calm weird. A super-solid-amazingly-rad weird. But weird.

It may be the creaky floors in this old house we have for the week, or the fact that the claw-foot tub is in what I consider the "guest" bathroom. Maybe it's the fact that the laundry room door randomly shut on it's own. I don't know.

The place is stellar and has it's Charleston charm, but it's oddly laid out. Either way, it's the calm before the storm. A super-solid-amazingly-rad storm.

January of 2013 began something amazing. We (Joel, Christian and I) started GIANT as a small blog. If for nothing else,  a platform to bitch about the super-amazingly-crappy "UX" decisions the higher-ups were making for our digital experiences at the time, or even the way we'd handle things better if given the chance. We even wrote about leadership. Good leadership. Great leadership. We were perplexed. We were frustrated and we wanted more. We had the three of us and were surrounded by amazing people that we knew would support us in whatever we attempted

We blogged. We wrote. We deleted. We posted anyway.

"I'm not a writer", I often thought.

We kept writing articles, we kept pushing and we kept on.

In August, we began talks of organizing a design conference. We were silly. We were crazy and I'm pretty sure we even told each other we were out of our minds. Lunatics.

It was a rad idea and we gave a shit about making it work. So here we are...

Tomorrow is Monday, June 9th. I head to the airport at 8am as Joel and Christian arrive from their redeye flights from Denver and Seattle. 

GIANT Conference starts bright and early on Wednesday.

This is a simple thank you to everyone in each of our lives for making GIANT rad, supporting us, and believing in us that we'd make it happen. This week will be stressful but incredible, tiring but energizing and most of all, it will be one for our personal history books.

Thank you.

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