Today is a bittersweet day. I have decided to resign from my position here at Benefitfocus, head away from this beautiful city and back to the Charlotte area.

On April 21st, I'll be joining the UX team at Ally Bank as a Senior Information Architect. I have tons of solid feelings about joining the team and moving forward in my career there. Fortunately, I know and have worked with quite a few of the folks there so they won't be too frightened by this monster beard that Charleston made me grow. It's my comfort face. (ahem.. Ally, please don't make me shave)

Will I miss Charleston? Oh hell yes. 

Do I feel accomplished with everything that has started to develop here? Yes! and HECK yes

I do plan to continue on with the rad things in motion here. The family and I plan on being back and forth quite a bit from now through the summer, especially for GIANT Conference in June.

Why leave? We came here for the job and actually fell in love with a place. A city. A location. It's weird but this place is absolute paradise. I don't golf or play tennis and for damn sure don't wear tucked-in pastel shirts with extremely short khaki shorts but this place ruled. It always will.

Anyhow, A lot of various things lead to resignation but, in a nutshell, I want to be at the dinner table at night. I want to be able to focus on GIANT things outside of work and most importantly, I want time with my beautiful girls. I want to be home at night and actually be home at night.

So... that's all really...

Oh yeah...  Always do great work and give a shit about it. It all pays off in the end.




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