The Fork In The Road and the Chance to Adapt or Vanish

As conversation luck would have it, I was recently speaking about “technology” with a person I don’t know. Let’s face it, I’m a nerd with a true passion for geek talk so I continued with the conversation. We spoke creatively. We spoke openly. We spoke honestly. When we talked more and more about technology and his company’s efforts to adapt to it, the conversation dwindled and it dwindled fast. “We’ve launched a brand new website with an online store at Amazon and implemented a full flash video strategy for our online presence.” When I asked about what considerations were being made for Mobile, the response was “We haven’t even thought about it, to be honest.” “That’s unfortunate” I said.

And by “unfortunate”, I meant “Are you kidding me?”, What the hell are you thinking with that flash bullshit? Get your head out of your ass and start talking mobile. Start talking digital. Most importantly, start talking about your customers. Someone’s opinion internally is worth as much as the dirt on your shoe. Absolutely Nothing. If you’re not testing, you’re not doing anything to help your efforts of adapting. You’re working very hard at vanishing.

Too many companies, small or large, startup or century-old, fail to realize this change that happens at a rapid pace. It’s truly unfortunate.

So again, get the dated head out of the analog ass and adapt, don’t vanish in the “sea of sameness”. Gah, I hate that term.

I originally posted this at Giant UX.


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