Hey Designers, Ya Mind if I Redesign Your Work?

Did you see the redesign of iOS 7 Apple announced yesterday? Rhetorical question. You’d have to live in a cave to not have seen the constant feedback in your social feeds about it. Simply put, they went flat with the design and the backlash was nuts. I don’t lean one way or the other on the flat design phenomenon but I will say, it’s clean and will possibly be that much more usable for a lot of platforms out there. More specifically, love it or hate, Apple continues on with their software releases. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Within the design community, there are other things to talk about.

One that’s bugged me about big tech releases, is that any John Doe designer feels it’s necessary to design existing (or upcoming) things as their own. It’s fine to explore. It’s fine to showcase skills but don’t you have clients that need those skills devoted to custom work for them? Sticking to the topic of iOS 7 redesign, at the end of the day, it’s still another designer’s work you’re so actively redesigning. Stop that shit. Focus on being original and stop stepping on toes. That kind of makes you an asshole.

It happens too often. Why not put that time and energy into cool side projects or beefing up your own portfolio? Hell, even redesign some of your own work.

“One of the biggest failures in design is to create something no one hates.”

So with this, I ask you…

Would any designers out there mind if I went through your portfolio and redesigned a few things I think could be better?

I originally posted this at Giant UX.


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